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Walls is a 2017 multi-sensory, audio/visual collaborative installation by Zoë Gingell and Simon Gore. It is presented as Zoë’s Creative Wales award piece.

“The juncture of recreated emotional spaces containing markers of ‘real’ events within which is set a personal allegory, allows a significance, a pertinence, yet creating a sense of something beyond its origins, to be viewed as moment newly discovered as in a state of ‘apparition’… Our mutual obsession with walls, the building of them, the beauty and wonder of a structure made of simple component individual parts, stones or bricks; the repetition and alignment of unique and individual elements that conform yet threaten to disintegrate, ultimately lasting longer than the bodies of its makers… a wall is both container and speaker” – Zoë Gingell

Zoë commissioned me to write and record original sound art using original material and digitised tapes of personal archive recordings from Zoë’s family. The HD audio features 60-70 minute, quadrophonic, looped drones and atmospheric recordings alongside sound bites triggered by motion sensors. A highly emotional and personal piece that has taken a lot of effort and experimentation to conceive. This was the first commission I have done entirely on a remote basis.

You can sample a clip of the audio here:

Please contact to enquire about bookings of this installation.

This project gratefully received funding from Arts Council Wales.


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