HouseMADE sound art

The ‘HouseMADE’ featured a series of site specific works made by 12 artists over the course of two weeks in response to the idea of home and house, hosted and curated by Zoë Gingel, co-director of Cardiff MADE gallery. The residency was set in a Victorian house come former office space in the grounds of Cardiff Brickworks. The event ran as part of the Brickstock at Brickworks festival.

As a research and development project funded by the Arts Council of Wales, the aim being to see how this process can work; overlaps encouraged between the emerging works as ideas develop in parallel, threads of aesthetic and conceptual ideas interweaving between rooms. The idea being to challenge and stimulate new ways of working site-specifically and broadening the vision of the artists involved beyond individual authorship of ‘pieces’.

I was commissioned by Zoë to produce an original sound art installation for her contributing piece, titled “Sanctuary”. I also provided original sound art for June Campbell Davies’s piece. As a homage to the late, great, Delia Derbyshire of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, I composed and recorded acoustic sound then manipulated the tape speed to create textural ambiences. The 32 minute, 6 speaker pieces were played continuously for 3 hours during guided tours of the house.

I also acted as a video technician for Zoë’s installation and made this little promo video by manually manipulating her original footage with the tuning of an analogue TV.


Cardiff MADE gallery have hosted a short documentary video of the event here:

This project gratefully received funding from Arts Council of Wales.


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