For Eliane

simon dummy

For Eliane is a microtonal drone composition for solo pipe organ. It is solely inspired by the works of French experimental music icon, Eliane Radigue.

The piece was recorded in a disused church at a former psychiatric asylum in Norway in summer 2018. With Eliane’s written permission and approval it was released by October Tone records as a dedication and 88th birthday present to her on the 24th of January 2020.


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The release is a collaboration with Norwegian composer and noise music pioneer, Lasse Marhaug, who provided audio mastering, graphic design and layout for the intended single-sided, screen-printed 12″ LP.

Sadly, since January 2020, the LP release has been on hiatus due to a cowboy vinyl record pressing plant trading as Interpress Vinyl/Master Media Productions ruining the pressing.

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