Sanctury at West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff


As part of International Women’s Day, Concentric are hosting an exhibition at West Wharf Gallery in Cardiff, South Wales featuring a selection of female artists. Amongst them is my collaborator, Zoë Gingell, who has chosen to present a revised version of Sanctury.

I composed and recorded original sound art for the installation in 2016. With the help of visual artist, Joe Marvelly, Sanctury has now been adapted into a 15 minute video art piece.


“Concentric – a group of women artists who since 2015 have celebrated IWD by producing a variety of work based on strong, thought-provoking ideas celebrating the essences of women negotiating the influences of personal and societal history” – Jacqueline Alkema

Event image by concentric artist Adeola Dewis.

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