cover image for antonie antonie


So I’m a bit late to the party with this one. Some 2 years ago I took a picture of my long term collaborator, Hervé Girardin of Nevsky Perspective, sitting on his Cardiff windowsill, looking emo. The image turned out pretty well and I told him to use it for whatever.

Low and behold he used it as the single cover for his track La Bouche Des Autres, released under the name Antonie Antonie and released it on Cavalierosity records back in November 2016. I only just found out about it.

Check out the single here:

Check out more of Hervé’s fantastic music here:

Check out more releases on Cavalierosity, on the Bandcamp page. Founded by another collaborator of mine, Jack Rees (see Origami Reinkarnasjon in Works).

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