Oppvaska by Cos Mosic out now


Last year I produced the debut recordings by Cos Mosic, the solo project of Despereaux guitarist, Simen Trippestad. It was recorded over the course of a week in my studio at Dikemark, Norway, featuring band mate, Per Åsmund Reymert, on drums and myself on keys.

The first of those tracks is now released as a single, titled Oppvaska. It’s available to stream here.

The sessions were incredibly intense, working all day and night then having dinner at 2am, but the quality speaks for itself. I’ve been collaborating with these dear friends in one form of another for nearly 6 years but this is the first time we have recorded together. I’m happier with these recordings than pretty much any other I have ever done.

Special thanks to Kafe Hærverk for the mic loans and Lasse Marhaug for the tape echo, Nic James for the drum kit and Eivind Walberg for the plate reverb! I’m incredibly proud of this work and look forward to the other tracks coming out soon.

Until then, enjoy the single and watch this space…

New, free compilation from Circuit Sweet


The fantastic people at Circuit Sweet have released a 27 track compilation for free download, to celebrate their 11 year anniversary.

I was approached by Circuit Sweet to submit a previously unheard track for the compilation. I have submitted an archive piece simply titled ‘Movement 6’ featuring my dear friend, Andre Drage.

Read more about the compilation, stream it and download for free here.

About the track: Back in 2017 I was commissioned to write and record a soundtrack for a documentary film about Irish boxing with a very tight deadline of just one week. Wanting acoustic drums, and the best drummer, I contacted Andre Drage to perform on the soundtrack. The documentary was never completed but Andre and I have discussed the option of releasing some of the soundtrack content independently as we were so pleased with the results.

The opportunity has finally arisen. The piece is incredibly minimal and my intention was to contrast the innate aggression against the beautiful synchronicity of boxing – a kind of, “float like a feather, sting like a bee” analogy. All audio was recorded by yours truly in Oslo/Asker, Norway in 2017. Drums performed by Andre Drage at Hausmania’s Flerbrukshallen in Oslo. Piano performed by myself at Vidar’s house. I tidied the mix and mastered it at my studio in Dikemark, Norway in March 2020.

It’s amazing to see our music listed next to so many great artists. Special thanks to Naomi and Oli at Circuit Sweet for being infinitely incredible and for the invitation to contribute to the project.



New Hatterud Ursin album


The new album, Doomed to Total Failure in a Deaf World, by Norwegian underground icons, Bjørn Hatterud and Espen Ursin is out now on Petter Flaten Eilertsen’s improv label, Sanntidsmusikk. I am incredibly proud to have produced and (mostly) recorded this landmark example of experimental music at my studio in Dikemark, Norway.

I also provided original artwork for the full gatefold CD cover.


Mastering, graphic design and layout by the legendary Lasse Marhaug. To have my name next to those of such incredible and influential figures in music is an other-worldly honour for me. This has been a delightful project to collaborate on, and one that I am incredibly proud of.

Buy CD and digital here now

“For Eliane” announced

simon dummy

For Eliane, is my latest release on the magnificent October Tone Records

This is an 18.5 minute microtonal drone piece for solo pipe organ. Written, performed, recorded and mixed by myself at Dikemark Sykehus in a disused church, it is released as a dedication to pioneering, French composer, Eliane Radigue, with her own written permission and approval.

It features mastering and graphic design by Lasse Marhaug and was announced on Eliane’s 88th birthday.

It will soon be available as a limited edition, single-sided 12″ LP of only 100 copies with a screen print of the design on the blank side.

stream the track here

Read the full interview with Circuit Sweet here

new fungal album out now

Earlier this year I mixed the very impressive, Sometimes I Walk and Listen to Myself album by Trondheim band, Fungal. It was a pleasure to work with such nice people who express such care for their craft and attention to detail. The album was produced and mastered by Lasse Marhaug and is released on Pop Eye Records.

Get the LP from Tiger

Sanctury at West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff


As part of International Women’s Day, Concentric are hosting an exhibition at West Wharf Gallery in Cardiff, South Wales featuring a selection of female artists. Amongst them is my collaborator, Zoë Gingell, who has chosen to present a revised version of Sanctury.

I composed and recorded original sound art for the installation in 2016. With the help of visual artist, Joe Marvelly, Sanctury has now been adapted into a 15 minute video art piece.


“Concentric – a group of women artists who since 2015 have celebrated IWD by producing a variety of work based on strong, thought-provoking ideas celebrating the essences of women negotiating the influences of personal and societal history” – Jacqueline Alkema

Event image by concentric artist Adeola Dewis.


New composition debut in Oslo


A new composition of mine is being debuted at Støyal Jul at Hausmania’s Flerbrukshallen in Oslo on Friday the 14th of December 2018. The currently unmastered recording of my new 19 minute drone piece for solo pipe organ, titled Eldsfare Norn, will be played in full, for the first time as part of the event.

Mad thanks to Fredrik Fossum for the invitation and Thomas Holme for putting on the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/253339245323055/

Event poster by Thomas Holme

Christmas Exhibition and art sale at Dikemark gallery

plakat arb fileks2 copyred

I am organising a Christmas exhibition and art sale at Dikemark Gallery for 2 weekends this December. The exhibition will showcase the work 20+ artists (including myself) with studios at Dikemark Sykehus.

For the first time, I have installed an “ÉN TI Cinema”, featuring 2 live videos from the exhibition and release party at Cardiff MADE Gallery in October 2016 and the Flash Cube video screened on repeat. Physicals from the project are also available for sale. For more information on ÉN TI, please see its page under the Works tab.

The exhibition will be open Saturday the 8th/Sunday the 9th 11am – 6pm,

Saturday the 15th/Sunday the 16th 11am – 6pm.

Verkensveien 2 (Vaskeriet building), 1385 Asker, Norway

Event poster kindly designed by Vibeke Hermo

Red by Nevsky Perspective out now


I am very happy to share with you the new album RED, by my long term collaborator Hervé Girardin, aka, Nevsky Perspective. I was a fixed member of the live Nevsky Perspective line-up throughout 2 periods over the last 5 years (performing alongside Joel Sinclare aka LOFT).

The album was recorded over the course of 2 years across various locations and features only one musical performance by myself. Alongside the great Mr. Jack Rees, I was a contributing engineer on the guitar recording sessions as well as sourcing guitars, amps, effects and endless good will from http://www.circuitsweet.co.uk and http://www.42ndstreetguitars.com

Out of every band I have played in over the last 14 years, I can honestly say I have never missed playing with any band so much.

Some of my pictures from our studio sessions:

Earlier this year I conducted an interview with Hervé about the album. Check it out here:


Check out and buy digital and physicals here: